A new website is attempting to put a saucy twist on the usually grueling task of learning a new language. SexyMandarin.com is raising eyebrows, as it utilizes, as its name suggests, sexy speakers of the tricky dialect in an effort to broaden users'...horizons.

Kaoru Kikuchi, a University of Nottingham architecture graduate, model and designer says, "If you go the textbook way with all these Chinese characters it just makes you intimidated."

Mick Gleissner, the filmmaker behind the videos  in which scantily-clad Chinese speakers vamp around, spank each other, and wash the occasional London taxicab -- said he hoped he could "inspire" non-Chinese speakers to take on, "the Herculean task of learning Chinese...Chinese is intimidating," Gleissner said. "You look at the characters, the strange melody of sounds. And then you watch a video like this and it's kind of ridiculous but it's also fun."