Wow! Just goes to show you that if you wait long enough, the truth will come out! I'm a huge Beatle fan and when Paul McCartney started dating Heather Mills I had my reservations, not that I'm weirdly obsessed with anything Beatle, but something just didn't seem right. Now TMZ is reporting that her former publicity firm is suing her, and this is big! They are accusing her of lying and not paying thousand of dollars in fees that she owes. The firm claims Heather Mills made up stories that Paul McCartney abused her, of course most of us never believed that one! Also, the firm is saying she stated she would only do Celebrity Apprentice if Donald Trump guaranteed she’d win. It doesn't stop there, they are also accusing her of only giving a portion of her Dancing with the Stars earnings to charity when she claimed she donated it all! You can check out the whole story here:   Heather Mills - Bad Apprentice and more!