Another round of bitterly cold weather is forecast for the Texarkana area for tonight.The National Weather Service has issued a Hard Freeze Warning for our area for tonight and early Friday morning. Temperatures expected to hang in the mid 30's today with gusty north winds and clouds making it seem even colder.

Tonight, temperatures are expected to plummet after sunset with lows bottoming out at around 15 degrees by early Friday. This can be dangerous cold. Remember your pets, pipes, and plants. Provide a place of shelter for your pets, make sure any outdoor exposed pipes are wrapped or covered, and bring inside any plants.

The good news is that temperatures should begin moderating over the weekend with highs on Saturday returning to the upper 50's and Sunday  back around 60 degrees.

The bad news is another arctic outbreak is forecast for early next week, with low temperatures once again expected to drop into the low 20's. .