Today I found out we are celebrating a unique holiday, National 8-Track Day.  Many may remember vinyl, cassette tapes and even CDs.  But who has fond memories for the 8-track? I do for one.

Without giving away my age, I can recall sitting in the living room with my mom, to whom I attribute my rock & roll and classic rock music appreciation. We would sit for hours on end listening to  her 8-track collection which included the likes of  ELO, Boston, Black Sabbath, Pink Floyd, the Eagles, and the list goes on.

I developed an appreciation for the medium, which has been around since 1964 when it was originally called the "Super 8." The medium lasted until the early 80s, which is about as long as the old Panasonic 8-track player did in my truck at the time. As a matter of fact, the last thing I played on my 8-track player before it bit the dust was "Peter Frampton Comes Alive."

I was distrought and angry when my player died, and after I finally got all the magnetic tape out of the it, I caved and bought a cassette adapter which slid right in the 8-track slot. Then, one by one, I started replacing my entire 8-track collection.

I still have a few 8-track tapes that are in good condition. I figure I'll hold onto them so I have stories to tell my grandkids about how we used to play our music before the digital age. I wonder if there is anybody in Texarkana that still sells 8-track tapes and players anymore. How about you?

Happy 8-Track Day!

Here's a Commercial for the 8-Track Player

Or How Many Of You Remember This Ad