We are eat up with Global Rally Cross... especially HoonKaboomTX.  We sat with the wife of GRC Competitor Andy Scott, and we had a blast!

Okay, I went to Texas to see the GRC Race with just very little info about what we were going to see.  X-Game Superstar, Travis Pastrana sells it as "Motocross with roll-cages".

On the road to the X-Games, this was the second race in the six race season, and Hoon Kaboom TX was awesome!  A quick explanation of the Australian term "Hoon":  To engage in mischief in a motor vehicle, the deliberate loss of traction in one or more tires, to drive at impressively dangerous speeds associated with extreme sports... and another word of AWESOME!

After two restarts the inaugural Global Rally Cross event at Texas Motor Speedway was some of the most exciting racing I have seen in quite a while!

We sat with the wife of Andy Scott driver of the number 26 Saab.  Andy, the 2011MSA British Rallycross Champion Crown winner, may be one of the oldest X-Game competitors ever at age of 55. Andy's wife sure made this race exciting for us, and taught us quite a bit about it.  In the end, Andy hit the tire barrier coming off of the 70 foot jump after earlier contact with his teammate on the table top jump.

Finland's Marcus Gronholm took the checkered flag for the second time in the 6 race series, followed by Tanner Foust, (just like the first race of the series in Charlotte), and third was Metal Mulisha founder Brian Deegan.

Hoon Kaboom TX Results

1. Marcus Gronholm
2. 34 Tanner Foust
3. 38 Brian Deegan
4. 67 Rhys Millen
5. 17 David Binks
6. 12 Stephan Verdier
7. 77 Samuel Hubinette
8. 43 Ken Block
9. 26 Andy Scott
10. 11 Sverre Isachsen
11. 33 Liam Doran
12. 40 Dave Mirra
13. 81 Bucky Lasek
14. 17 Patrick Moro
15. 199 Travis Pastrana
16. 99 Filipe Albuquerque
17. 418 Jimmy Keeney
18. 57 Toomas Heikkinen

After the race at Texas, the top 12 competitors in the series are now qualified to race at the X-Games in Los Angeles.

Joining Gronholm and Foust at the X-Games are Stephan Verdier (with 26 points), Rhys Millen (24), Samuel Hubinette (23), David Binks (22), Andy Scott (21), Deegan (20), Dave Mirra (14), Sverre Isachsen (12), Ken Block (11) and Buddy Lasek and Travis Pastrana (10-tie).

Eddie Lasek is a skateboarder.  He took to skateboarding when he was 10 and somebody stole his bike.  he's gone on to be one of the greatest skateboarders in the world.  He's won more than 10 X Games medals, with 6 of them gold.  Now he drives racecars... though it didn't go to well trying to qualify for the feature at Texas...