Only a former beauty pageant queen could fatally shoot a man while looking like a "My First Self-Defense Barbie."

25-year-old Meghan Brown of Tierra Verde, Florida won the 2009 Miss Tierra Verde pageant.  Now she lives with her 42-year-old fiancé.  And back on March 12th, around 3:00 A.M., a man named Albert Hill broke into their house.

The guy grabbed Meghan and dragged her upstairs.  But she managed to scramble away and grab her gun.  And it's not just any gun . . . it's a PINK .38-caliber handgun.

She fired four shots at Hill and hit him in the chest, groin, thigh, and back.  He was pronounced dead on the scene.

Meghan won't face any charges, because in Florida you're allowed to shoot to kill if someone is in your house.  (Or, you know, if someone looks cross-eyed at you.)

And now, let's let 25-year-old Meghan's 42-year-old fiancé, Robert Planthaber, ruin the story by bragging about his money.

He told reporters that Hill was their PIZZA GUY.  Quote, "We live in a very prominent area and my fiancée wears a $60,000 engagement ring.  The pizza man knew we had money because sometimes we need change for a $100 bill." 

(Dude...STFU...  We're all proud of you for managing to get a woman who won a local beauty pageant thanks to your money.  You know what ACTUAL rich people do?  They don't brag about how much money they have.)