Last week, two men in Charlotte, North Carolina broke into a house. The owner caught them, and as they ran away, one of them left behind an unbelievable clue.

It was a T-shirt with HIS OWN PHOTO on it, along with the slogan "Making Money Is My Thang.''

With a clue that perfect, it would've been horrible if the Charlotte police didn't track him down. So lucky for them, they did.

The robber was 25-year-old Jonathan Huntley. Huntley is a convicted felon... in November he got out of prison after doing almost seven years for armed robbery and breaking-and-entering.

And apparently, he wasn't quite a model inmate... he was written up for 26 separate disciplinary infractions in prison, including gambling, fighting, threatening a guard, and... here it comes... quote, "a sexual act."

There was no further detail on what kind of sexual act it was. So feel free to let your imagination run wild.

For his latest crime, Huntley has been charged with two felonies, for robbery and breaking and entering.