Remember the 'Bikini Teacher' that got fired from her job at a South Florida high school back in the spring? She has a 14-page spread in the coming issue of Hustler magazine.

Her name is Olivia Sprauer, but her professional modeling name is Victoria James. She told the Huffington Post this last may that she wouldn't do Hustler. "I don't do spread-eagle shots, so I don't think Hustler is going to work out."

Sprauer taught freshman English at Martin County High School in Florida, until the school's principal found out that she also modeled on the side under the name Victoria James. She got fired over it, and went public with the news and that gave her a modeling career a boost. She raised her rates and got quite a few offers from lingerie companies and magazines like Hustler. At first she turned down the hardcore mag in the hopes that Playboy would make an offer... they didn't.