Over the next few weeks most colleges have their spring breaks, and Cheaphotels.com did a survey to break down some costs of hotel rooms.  The most expensive of the popular spring break locations was Key West Florida... the cheapest was Cancun Mexico.

Key West Florida -- This week it would cost you $259 a night.  Over the next few weeks, it averages out to $204 per night.  (That could get you a full week in Cancun Mexico, which was the cheapest destination at $29 bucks per night... but it is Mexico.)

South Beach Miami Florida -- $155 per night, about the same as a five nights in Myrtle Beach South Carolina.

Panama City Beach Florida -- Average cost, for an average hotel room is $129 per night.

South Padre Island Texas -- The average room cost is $129, This week you can get a room for $55 bucks per night, and next week it jumps up to $279 per night.

Punta Cana Dominican Republic -- Fast becoming one of spring breaks hottest destinations, averages $117 per night... (but don't forget airfare to get there.)

(On a personal note... I have had some of the most fun and exciting times of my life in Negril Jamaica... which was also on the list... average cost for a hotel room in Negril...$31 bucks per night.)