Giving red roses on Valentine's Day is kind of 'safe,' so some guys like to branch out.  But BEWARE... the magazine "Marie Claire" says the flowers you pick might send the wrong message.

Clearly this is total nonsense, but here are the secret meanings behind five popular types of flowers.

#1.)  Yellow Tulips.  They mean you're hopelessly in love with her, but you're worried she's not that into you.

#2.)  Orchids.  They supposedly represent "refined beauty", but "Marie Claire" also says they make you look pretentious.

#3.)  Pink Carnations.  They represent "a mother's love", so they're more appropriate for Mother's Day than Valentine's Day.

#4.)  Coriander.  It's actually an herb, but it's used as filler in bouquets.  And according to "Marie Claire", it represents "lust", and means you're more interested in sex than you are in having a meaningful relationship.

#5.)  Peonies.  They look kind of like carnations and represent "shame and bashfulness"... so your woman might think you're having an affair.  (???)

Anyway... let's thank "Marie Claire" for adding even more anxiety to a 'holiday' that already has enough.  And remember:  Buying ANY kind of flowers on Valentine's Day is better than not buying them at all.