The Miller County Patriots called a press conference announcing that their recall effort against Texarkana Arkansas City Board members has indeed failed.

Miller County Patriots V.P. Dwayne Hall called the press conference saying that it was to announce the results of the recall effort... the results are that there will be NO recall effort. It may have just been easier and a lot less embarrassing to just not say anything at all.

Hall filed for a recall of board members Laney Harris, Londell Williams, Mike Jones, and Sue Johnson after the board voted to re-hire City Manager Harold Boldt.

(For the record, I know for a fact that many of the statements made in this video have previously been proven false. For instance, the person that filed for a recall of Sue Johnson changed his mind because he was lifelong friends with Johnson's husband and other personal reasons. Yes, he is employed by Miller County, but his job was never threatened over the recall efforts. I've spoken to the man, he's a good, hard working man, and I know how extreme some people are over their politics... "They said", "They did", Would've, Should've, Could've, you don't know who to believe, when I have heard you shouldn't believe ANY politicians at all. He changed his mind, and I don't blame him one bit.)