It was April 20, 1995 when the Eagle signed on and began rockin' Texarkana, making the Eagle 17 years old, and we want to celebrate by giving you Eagle Birthday Rewards inside the Eagle Free VIP Rewards Club!

There have been more than a few people that helped to make the Eagle what it is today.  Some have gone home, others are still around, and a couple of us are still here today.  We ALL want to say thank you for letting us do what we do for you, and thank you for doing what you do for us... ROCK!

We are really proud that the Eagle is one of the ONLY stations in all of the Ark-La-Tex that has the same format today that we signed on the air with, Rock 'N' Roll.

Log into the Eagle Rewards Club and play the code "Eagle Birthday" before midnight April 20 to receive 5,000 VIP points!  We want you to get as many points as you can, because next month you can use your points for chances to win TEN THOUSAND DOLLARS!

I scanned in a few pics from our dusty old photo album for a little flashback...