Well, here we are, it's official that standoffs with police and SWAT teams have entered the social networking era.

Over the weekend, 36-year-old Jason Valdez of Ogden, Utah was in a 16-hour overnight standoff with the police.  He was in a hotel room with a female hostage.  And throughout the 16 hours, Valdez was updating his FACEBOOK STATUS.

He posted status updates from his phone like, quote, "I'm currently in a stand off... kinda ugly but ready for whatever, I love u guys and if I don't make it out of here alive I'm in a better place and u were all great friends..."

At one point he posted a photo of him and the hostage.  At another point, one of his friends posted on his wall that there was a sniper in the bushes so he should, quote, "stay low."  He responded "Thank you, homey."

Some of his friends and family begged him to do the right thing and surrender... others told him to stay strong.

After trying to deal with the guy for 16 hours, the police finally busted through.  The hostage was okay... but Valdez shot himself in the chest, and is in critical condition.

The police are going through all of Valdez's Facebook posts during the standoff... and considering criminal charges for the friend who fed him information about where the sniper was positioned.