In an effort to break up this Friday's 4-20 party, the University of Colorado campus police plan to spread "fertilizer" (aka hot stinking poop) across the "quad". Colorado is often rated one of the biggest party schools in the nation, and the 4-20 dope smoking holiday is usually a wild blow-out. Last year, over 10,000 people (just not college students) descended upon the campus to find cheap weed and smoke a blunt.

April 20th is better known as "4-20", the official holiday of dope heads. Whether on college campuses, or suburban cul-de-sacs, Americans are united on 4-20 to smoke some weed. This weekend, the school's police department is closing down the Boulder campus to non-students and non-employees

(The fine for trespassing on April 20th is $750). And then they'll spread natural fertilizer across the campus to make it -- in their words -- "virtually uninhabitable". One of the school officials calls the dope-smoking April 20th holiday a "plague".