Ever seen that Disney movie Smart House? Remember how it was basically everyone's worst nightmare? This is kind of like that, but not really.

While we might own smart phones, drive smart cars, eat smart, think smart (you get the picture), one thing has yet to enter the "smart" revolution. That one thing would be your house. Unless you're like my parents who have this strange hi-tech security system they can control from their phones...but all you can do is lock doors and windows. And that's just boring.

WigWag is a new product on the market meant to turn your house into a smart house. No robots, ridiculous security passwords or anything like that, just one little box that creates the magic.

WigWag is essentially a set of sensors that can adjust the temperature, turn the lights on or off, send an email when the weather changes, or even alert the police for you. Now when I hear all this I immediately think back to that silly Smart House movie in which the house literally came to life in robotic form and haunted my nightmares. But don't worry, this product isn't like that.

I guess what is really great about WigWag is that all you have to do is scan the tag (which works on multiple phones, devices, etc.) and write your own rule regarding something. An example would be you setting your own rule to never let the temperature in your house drop below a certain degree.

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Now if only I can find my self a "smart butler" in computer form to make me some chips and queso...