Bullying: unfortunately, it’s a part of life when you are a teenager. Now with social networking and text messaging, it can be even worse. Bullying comes in different forms. For guys, it comes in the form of mean “jokes” or even getting beaten up.

For girls, on the other hand, most of the time it comes with whispers, inside jokes and mean comments that are made to make you feel different and ugly.

Your nose is too big. You’re too skinny, too fat, too tall, or too short. You’ve got acne, are flat chested (Yep, “Death Valley” right here!)  or you’re not wearing the “latest” fashion. If you get good grades, then you’re a nerd. If your grades aren’t the best,  then you’re stupid. Bullies are good at finding even the tiniest thing that make you different and then pointing it out to EVERYONE!

Being different is a good thing!

The fact is, the people that bully are very insecure. They feel like they have to find someone to cut down to make them feel better about themselves. How messed up is that?

First plan of action if you are being bullied, remember that something is wrong with them!  Second, don’t let it mess with your head.  Once they know they have gotten under your skin, they’ll keep doing it. Try not to let them bring you down. Please talk to someone, whether it’s your parents, a teacher, an aunt or an uncle. It helps to talk about it, because you are not the only one that’s ever been through this.

When I was in junior high in the locker room for P.E. I remember a popular girl used to ridiculed me in front of everyone about how  flat chested I was. I always froze up and cowered. Then one day, I plainly told her that “Yeah, how great is that! Just like a fashion model!”  She never bothered me after again.

I know it can be hard to deal with, but please remember, once you get out of  school and you go off to college or get a job… it’s a different world. You’ll look back and actually feel sorry for those bullies.

Believe me, it does get better!