These dogs at our local animal shelter will be PUT TO SLEEP...euthanized--killed if not adopted or taken into foster homes by the close of business on Saturday, June 14. That is THIS SATURDAY -- PLEASE HELP!!!

Many great dogs that are currently at the Texarkana Arkansas Animal Care and Adoption Center (aka Texarkana Animal Shelter) are in danger of dying this weekend if you do not do something to change their fate. 

Overpopulation and limited space are the unfortunate facts. These dogs have been at the shelter since 2013. Why? It is hard to understand actually because these are great dogs. I have spent time with many of the dogs on this Euth List and they all have great qualities. Please share this blog on your friends' Facebook pages, email it to friends and family, Tweet about it or just pick up the phone and call someone that may be able to help.

I have heard people say "its just too depressing to go to the shelter," or "I will leave with a dog if I go to the shelter," or "its too loud at the shelter," "it smells bad," "the faces are so sad"...the excuses are long but the end result is that the lives of all these sweet faces depend on YOU. There are many things that you can do to help, here are just a few:

1 - Adopt from the Shelter (or a rescue that supports the shelter).
2 - Volunteer at the shelter to help these dogs get ready for new homes. Take pictures and post them on the Facebook pages of local dog rescues. Help search for breed specific rescues beyond the borders of Texarkana.
3 - Volunteer during adoption events to get these dogs to the events. Volunteer to transport dogs to rescue groups outside the area.
4 - Share and network on social media to help find rescues and homes for the animals at the shelter.
5 - Promote spaying and neutering. Some people just do not understand why it is so important to get their animals fixed.

Call the shelter and be persistent that you want to help out. 870-773-6388. The shelter is located at 203 Harrison, Texarkana, Arkansas.

Photos of each dog on the Euth List:

Please do not direct any anger toward the shelter or their employees. They did not create this situation. And just so you know, many animals are put to sleep that never make it onto the adoption floor so their faces are rarely seen. The sadness is beyond measure. Don't focus on the bad, focus on finding homes for the ones that we can.

Local dog rescues that are active on Facebook:

There are many individuals on Facebook that are also very active in rescue. Please send me an email if I have missed any rescues or if you would like to have your name added to this list:

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