I don't know, in a way, I kind of feel used.  Do you know how you see a video that a friend shared on Facebook, and you think "that is cool"? So of course, you share it. THEN... you find out it was an ad! A clever ruse, by ad agencies, movie studios, etc... I should have known, that monkey would have gone dog nuts when that AK-47 fired off!

Here are a couple that you may have seen.

"Ape With AK-47" (Twentieth Century Fox's - Rise of the Planet Of The Apes)

This was just one of a few videos they have put out to push the movie release on August 5th.

In another one of those, "Really???" videos... This guy goes over the edge to propose to his girlfriend. What's he selling? Neuro Water!

"Crazy Marriage Proposal - Guy Falls Off of Building!!!" (Neuro Water)

Do you just want it to make you laugh, or does it bother you when you find out they are ads?