Now that there are cameras everywhere, more and more video is available instantly. Especially with this officer knowing that he was being recorded, what he did next is just insane!

In a story reported on by NBC4 in Los Angeles, is one of the latest incidents of excessive force being used by police in America today. In the video below, this deputy clearly goes too far.

The video was shot on the cellphone of six year Army veteran Jermaine Green as he was riding a bus in L.A. when a lady pushing a baby stroller full of pillows got on the bus. Green said,

the lady got on the bus with her stroller full of pillows and she was very polite. She said "Hi" to everybody and sat down."

When the bus made the next stop two LA County Sheriffs Deputies boarded the bus and confronted the woman by name. Green said,

they said get off the bus, and she started cursing at them, and it was very obvious that she had special needs. After that they grab her, she calls him a "bigshot" and the next thing you know, he gives her a big shot."

After punching and elbowing the woman, throwing her to the ground and removing her from the bus, the officer then demanded that Green turn over his cellphone. Green said,

He comes to me and he says "Look, you can be under arrest if you don’t give me that video." And then he said "Do you have any warrants?" And I said no I don’t have any warrants, I’m a veteran and I just came back. I did six years. I have no record. And he said "well we’ll see about that.""

Green put the video up on the internet as soon as he could and according to the LA County Sheriffs Department the incident is currently under investigation.

(NBC4 Los Angeles)