Can't lose that baby fat? Menopause getting you down? Want to lose weight naturally? There is going to be a FREE seminar for just us girls! Danny Russo has been helping women get in shape and stay in shape for over 10 years and without fad diets and pills. The cool thing about Danny is he knows that us girls are built differently then men. He knows that our lovely hormones can work against us as we try to lose weight. He knows that us girls can diet all we want then look at a photo of cake and we gain weight!  In his seminar he will tell us simple ways to get leaner, firmer and have more energy!

It's time for us girls to get in shape and have more energy with renowned health and fitness guru Danny Russo. Danny came by the studio yesterday and talked about his free seminars tomorrow (Thursday, Oct. 17) at 9:30 a.m. and 6 p.m. at Minton's Sportsplex.

Danny Russo is a certified master trainer, an aerobic trainer, a strength coach but not only that he knows nutrition as well and how it all works in a woman's body.

This seminar is for us girls and us girls alone! Plus it's FREE!!

Danny has brought his teachings to over 1000 cities across America helping women to learn more about themselves and the benefits of a living a healthy lifestyle.

Yep, and that's Danny Russo featured in national magazines and on TV shows, like Women's Fitness and  Including

In this FREE wild and crazy seminar you will learn:

  • How to flatten lower abs FAST!
  • How to firm your butt and thighs NOW!
  • If your Meds, pH,and Hormone levels are hurting or helping you!
  • What foods are GOOD - Just for YOU!
  • Are you Carb sensitive or not? Plus much more!

Plus we found out first hand, what a fun guy Danny is too! Danny Russo has helped thousands of women get stronger, firmer, healthier, happier, all while losing fat naturally and looking great.

For more information about this FREE seminar call 903-838-4697 or drop by Minton's Sportsplex located at 5610 Richmond Rd.