How many of you love to shop via the Internet instead of waiting in long lines at Target or Kohl'sI enjoy shopping online but I can get a little carried away especially when I see so many low prices.

However, I always make it a goal to write down two categories on a piece of paper to discourage overspending. The categories are need, and want. According to MSNLiving, this is one of ten ways you can utilize to gain the most of your shopping efforts.

I have noticed when I do this I can visualize where my money is going. I then make an informed decision whether I need the item or not. I know this may take a little bit of the fun out of online shopping but it will keep you within your budget. Your mate as well as your bank account will be grateful for your frugal ways.

Organizing yourself in this way can save you time and money later on. So don't be afraid to make a list similar to this in an effort to streamline your spending. You will be amazed how much you can reduce your impulsive purchases!