This last weekend two single engine planes collided over the Netherlands, and here is some terrifying video that was shot from inside the cockpit of one of the planes involved.

The planes were locked together for more than 20 seconds before being able to separate, and both planes were able to land, and nobody was hurt.

They broke apart from each other just seconds before crashing on to a beach. One plane made an emergency landing on the beach and the other made it to a nearby airport.

You can't see on the video but we think there is a political angle too... see, the plane that came down on the other plane was pulling a political banner for the Christian Democrats political party, and the other plane was carrying members of the Socialist Party.  You can see the damage on the second plane in this video...(it's a little confusing, the person shooting was actually filming another plane when it happened, but at :27 you can see damage that the first plane caused to the wing.)