All I could say when I saw this pic on Yahoo News was "Wow".  Here is a satellite photo of the massive ocean liner Costa Concordia on it's side, off the coast of Giglio. Seeing this photo from space really puts the magnitude of this horrible event into perspective.

The luxury liner ran aground January 13th, when the Captain of the vessel completely disregarded the safety of the 4,229 people onboard and went off course to show off the ship to people on the island of Giglio. The Coast Guard, and Costa Cruises, the owner of the ship, put all of the blame on the Captain alone.

He has been arrested on multiple charges, including abandoning his command of the ship.  He claims he tripped and fell into the lifeboat from which he was rescued.

(He tripped??? I call Bull****!!! See, he says he tripped into the lifeboat, and was trapped in the lifeboat for more than one hour before it was finally lowered to the water below... by the way, the second and third in command were on the same lifeboat as the Captain... they must have tripped also... Cowards!)