U2 just completed their insanely successful "360" tour on Saturday night in Canada.  And it wasn't just U2's biggest tour ever... it may be THE biggest tour ever.

Billboard.com says it will go down "as the biggest tour ever, both in terms of box office gross and attendance."  The tour kicked off in June of 2009, and in just over two years, U2 played 110 concerts in front of 7.1 million fans in 30 countries.

Here are some other stats from the tour:

134 crew members

11 babies born to crew

2 crew weddings

12 bus drivers

126 truck drivers

53 gigs attended by a single fan

9,760 guitar strings utilized.

92,270 meals fed to working staff and guests

29,000 T-shirts given to local stagehands

400 tons:  The weight of the fully loaded "claw" stage

10 million people watched a live stream of U2 360 at the Rose Bowl on YouTube in October of 2009.

320,000 fans saw 360 in Mexico City