We really came dangerously close to losing Cheap Trick yesterday.  And I don't care that it's not 1977.  That STILL would've been devastating.

Yesterday, Cheap Trick was performing at the Ottawa Bluesfest in Ontario, Canada.  About 20 minutes into their set, at around 7:20 P.M. Eastern, a giant storm suddenly rolled in.

And as it did, a gust of wind came with it... and KNOCKED DOWN THE STAGE.

Thankfully, Cheap Trick managed to get off the stage in time.  (Some would even say they SURRENDERED the stage in time.  Get it?  "Surrender"?  That's some brilliant comedy right there.)

Amazingly, there was only one serious injury.  A 49-year-old man is in serious condition with abdominal, pelvic and leg injuries.  Two other people were hospitalized, one with a spinal injury and the other with chest pains.

At least eight other people were treated at the scene for minor things like twisted ankles and anxiety.

This was the final day of the festival, and it shut down for good... canceling the rest of the acts for the day.

(You can watch a  video of the aftermath here.  I like the girl who calmly says "We should get out of here now" 30 seconds in.)

Check out some of the pictures from the band's website HERE.