See the Other Things Facebook Changed on Your Profile
Earlier this week, Facebook changed all the default email addresses on its users’ profiles to a brand new address, Sneaky yes, but was it really that big of a deal? Probably not since very few people are ever going to navigate through a Facebook profile to get an email address when it…
Drone Delivery Sparks UFO Panic
It's not every day that you'd see a flying saucer strapped to the bed of a government truck, but that's what drivers in and around Washington D.C. thought they saw Wednesday night.
Prepare for Texarkana Weather Using Five Awesome iPhone Apps
Daniel Y. Go/Flickr
Summer is just around the corner and that always means tons of activity for my family and I. Whether transporting newly minted high school graduates to college, taking younger kids to summer camp, or simply preparing for a relaxing weekend by the lake, there are plenty of plans to…

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