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Natalie Nichols Resigns as Bowie County Clerk
Natalie Nichols has resigned from her office as Bowie County Clerk.  Many say she was forced out, but either way, I doubt this will end all of the controversy surrounding the Bowie County Commissioners Court, and I feel in my bones that the problems in Bowie County politics are still in place.
The Big Brawl in Bowie County
(Update 12/27 — The Commissioners Court is now asking Natalie Nichols to resign.  In exchange, they will pay the $40,000 in legal expenses that she has picked up by them suing her.)
There seems to be more bickering than usual here lately in the Bowie County Courthouse.  Mainly all of the turmoil betw…
John Stewart Defends Ron Paul [Video]
I couldn't help but laugh when I saw this last night.  John Stewart is pointing out what, I am sure, a lot of us were thinking! It's like some people are thinking that if we pretend he isn't there, he will go away.
Here's a video clip from the 8/15/11 Daily Show on Comedy Cen…
sports fan cheer bin ladens death with usa chant
Most people watching 'ESPN's Sunday Night Baseball' game between the Philadelphia Phillies and the New York Mets knew that the reason the crowd suddenly erupted into cheers was because they had just found out Osama Bin Laden had been shot dead by American special forces.

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