Local Animal Shelter — Answers to the Controversy
Last week, a new director of the animal shelter was hired and it seems the flood gates of controversy have been pushed open. I have always said that the animal shelter is about the ANIMALS...its time to leave the egos out of it.
Best Comic Book Covers Ever (This Month): September 2014
A great comic book cover is an advertisement, a work of art, a statement, and an invitation. A great comic book cover is a glimpse of another world through a canvas no bigger than a window pane. In Best Comic Book Covers Ever (This Month), we look back over some of the most eye-catching, original an…
The Arkham Sessions: Is Batman Emotionally Intelligent?
In this episode of The Arkham Sessions, we revisit the relationship between Bruce and Dick. Once again, resentment is exhibited by Dick as he tries to deal with Bruce's perfectionistic and strict mentoring style. Dick may be on to something -- Bruce appears to be closed off when it comes to the…
A Night in Cleveland Texas at Pueblo Viejo!
Here I am in Cleveland Texas, staying at a La Quinta. I decided to get something to eat, and I learned a little bit about this south east Texas town. According to some locals the best thing to do here is drink... things are looking up!

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