Hungry For Some Bacon? [VIDEO/POLL]
Are you a bacon lover? Just smelling bacon makes me lick my chops. Well, get this - Oscar Mayer is betting that America loves bacon so much they have put a promotion together that features a comedian with a trailer full of bacon.
Have You Told Your Kids About 9/11? [POLL]
My youngest wasn't born yet when the terrorists attacked American soil on 9/11/2001, he's ten now and in the last few days has started asking questions about what happened. Time to break out YouTube and start showing some of the bad in the world I guess.
Ryan Rocks the RNC
What a speech!
Vice Presidential candidate Paul Ryan accepted his nomination at last night’s Republican National Convention in Tampa, Florida and gave a rousing 36 minute speech to go with it.
WWE Fun at the Fairgrounds (PHOTOS)
First I must apologize for my crappy camera, maybe one day I’ll upgrade. Some of the shots from Sunday night’s WWE Supershow show at the Four States Entertainment Center came out ok though.
Hot Fun at the Dallas Zoo
My wife, son and I were on our way back from Killeen, TX when suddenly my wife gets the brilliant idea to stop at the Dallas Zoo. It seemed brilliant at the time.
Multimeter 101: [DIY]
I like to think I’m a ‘Do It Yourself’ (DIY) kind of guy, but every time I step off into a new project I find out just how much I don’t know.

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