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Wishing These Places in Texarkana Were Open 24 Hours
Modern conveniences, where everything is really just a hop skip and a jump away. It doesn't really matter if businesses are closed until there's something you really need and that business is closed for the day. What? Closed? But, I want it now! You've been there. You know the feeling…
Great Hotels for a Staycation Right Here in Texarkana
Summer vacation is almost here. The best thing is that a vacation doesn't have to cost an arm and a leg. Yes, the "staycation" is alive and well and why not? It's less expensive and a vacation is really about giving your brain a rest from work and giving you some quality …
Adult Coloring Books Are All The Rage [VIDEOS]
So, I'm hearing for the first time about adult coloring books. I guess I've been under a rock because they are supposedly all the rage.  At first, I was thinking "adult" meant not for kids eyes, if you know what I mean? Who knew, they are real coloring books?

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