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Have You Seen Any of These Missing Kids From Texas?
Children and teens go missing in this country every single day. It's a scary and sobering thought. Take a look at the pictures of these teenagers and see if you recognize any of them. I know that a lot of them are runaways, but others are not. The runaways might not realize that there are peopl…
‘Haircuts For Jett’ Fundraiser This Saturday
Cosmetology Academy of Texarkana will host a fundraiser "Haircuts for Jett" this Saturday July 16 from 11AM to 4PM.
All proceeds will go to Morgan Leigh Brinkley and her son Jett Osburn, who is still being treated at Arkansas Children's Hospital in Little Rock, Ark.
Throwing a BBQ on a Budget
Summer is all about being outside, enjoying friends and family and great BBQ. The trick is trying to put all of them together and not spend a fortune. It can be done.
I found some great tips on how to throw a BBQ but keep the prices down.
Wishing These Places in Texarkana Were Open 24 Hours
Modern conveniences, where everything is really just a hop skip and a jump away. It doesn't really matter if businesses are closed until there's something you really need and that business is closed for the day. What? Closed? But, I want it now! You've been there. You know the feeling…
Great Hotels for a Staycation Right Here in Texarkana
Summer vacation is almost here. The best thing is that a vacation doesn't have to cost an arm and a leg. Yes, the "staycation" is alive and well and why not? It's less expensive and a vacation is really about giving your brain a rest from work and giving you some quality …

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