Think back to when y0u were in school. At some point you were probably either bullied or saw it happen to one of your friends. As we know kids can be cruel to other kids at times.

I think it is up to the parents to teach their children to respect the feelings of other people, whether that be adults or other kids like them. We should teach them the Golden Rule from the Bible: Do Unto Others as you would have them do unto you!!!!!! What a novel concept.


I have told my children they should never bully or be-little another person, because they have feelings just like you and how would you like that same thing to be done to you. My son is a big boy, but has a gentle heart and is a friend to most everyone he meets.

He had some issues a few years ago where a couple of not so nice playmates at school tried to give him a hard time.  He knew the temptation was to strike back against the ones doing the bullying but he resisted and found ways to be friend these guys.

He also had help from some of his real friends who banded together to let these troublemakers know this was not cool and was not going to cut it. I think drawing closer to your friends and sharing and banding together is way to stop the school bullies.

Hang in there it will get better, depend and rely on your friends and see if together you can change the bullies ways.