Hey, I'm totally on this woman's side.  Just because your wedding day is supposed to be the happiest day of your life doesn't mean you should shrug it off if someone acts the fool.

On Saturday night, 28-year-old Angela Davito of Gilbert, Arizona got married.  The reception was in the backyard of a family member's house.

Anyway, SOMETHING went down at the reception.  The police aren't saying what it was, but it made Angela go CRAZY and she TACKLED and BEAT UP one of her wedding guests.

A riot broke out.  By the time the cops got there, someone out front told them that the people at the reception were, quote, "killing each other."

They ended up having to PEPPER SPRAY the entire group to get them to stop fighting.  (And possibly, because wedding chicken is always so dry, to give the food some flavor.)

Angela was arrested on suspicion of assault and obstructing governmental operation.

There's no word if there were any other arrests.  The fire department ended up having to treat several of the guests for pepper spray exposure.