This past weekend Caddo Area Council/Troop 3 of the Boys Scouts of America had a little camp out. No big jamboree or anything like that, just a "basics" camp out to show several new scouts how to work as a team, cook and clean up after themselves. Oh, and do something to spruce up the signage at the Miller County Gun Range at Smith Park.

Ryan Sharp, one of our scouts, is working very hard on attaining the rank of Eagle Scout, and just like every other Eagle, there is always a service project that must be done as part of the process. Ryan's project was to re-build the sign at the Miller County Gun Range at Smith Park.

Part of our job as fellow scouts and scout masters was to help him install that sign this past weekend, and that we did. Miller County paid for the materials, the BSA provided the labor and another service project is done.

The Boy Scouts of America are at work in your community all the time and they get very little recognition for what they do. I hope to change some of that.

Congratulations Ryan and Troop 3, nice job.

Click the link to learn more about the BSA Caddo Area Council.