If you don't like Bon Jovi's brand-new video for "Because We Can," just wait a couple weeks. The band has announced that they will be releasing "alternate versions" of the clip every other week until their new album, What About Now, arrives March 26.

In the clip, Jon Bon Jovi and the guys perform in a boxing ring, with Jon singing into a boxing announcer's microphone dangling from the ceiling.  We also see a boxer entering the ring for a fight; he subsequently gets knocked out, but his girl comes to comfort him and they end up slow-dancing in the ring.

There's another story line as well in the video, involving the tattooed ring girl, who evidently moonlights as a fan dancer. In addition to holding up the round cards in the ring, she's shown performing with massive swan-like fans on a runway.

It's not clear what kind of "alternate" story lines the videos will have in the future.

In other Bon Jovi news, February 12 is when iTunes will start taking pre-sale orders for What About Now.  Fans who pre-order the album will get a free download of the title track.