Art may come in all shapes and sizes, but there are many artists who consider the shape of a woman’s body as the ultimate work of art. Some artists like Craig Tracy not only appreciates the female form, he uses their bodies as the canvas for his paintings.

Taking bodypainting to a whole new level, the 44-year-old New Orleans artist has painted over 400 women, including dancers at the Rio Carnival in Brazil. Some of his works, mostly paintings of landscapes and animals, are like optical illusions and will often have you taking a closer look (ahem) to figure out the woman’s painted curves.

Tracy says he has no trouble finding girls to model for him and sometimes, they approach him instead of him approaching agencies. His volunteers have to endure hours of lying in a position as Tracy uses paint suitable for human skin to finish his work. Does that sound a bit creepy? Who knows, at least he can always use the excuse: “It’s art, you’ll never get it.”

To see more of Tracy’s impressive work, check out his website.

[Via Daily Mail]