Turns out women aren't the only ones worried about wearing a swimsuit on vacation. Getting rid of a "beer belly" tops the list of worries for men when it comes to vacations, according to a new survey conducted by British cruise site BonVoyage.co.uk.

And the weight worries don't stop there. Coming in at No. 7 on the list is gaining weight while on vacation.

Other than body mass index, what else worries men?  Missing out on sporting events was the No. 2 worry.  Money worries came in at No. 3. Weather worries came in smack in the middle of vacation woes at No. 5.

The unscientific survey questioned more than 1,200 men who had been on a vacation abroad in the past year. They were asked the question, "What things, concerning your holiday, did you worry about before last heading abroad, if any?" The top answers:

1. Getting rid of beer belly
2. Missing out on sports events
3. Saving enough money for vacation
4. Getting ahead at work
5. Weather abroad
6. Leaving pets at home
7. Putting on weight on vacation
8. Getting along with kids-family
9. Getting passport-visa ready
10. Keeping the kids entertained abroad

So what measures did the men take to shape up before shipping out on vacation?

None, for the most part. The respondents who claimed to be worried about their "beer belly" were asked whether they had attempted to do anything to get rid of it before their last vacation, in the form of diet or exercise. More than half, 53 percent, of respondents said, "No," while 31 percent admitted that they had tried, but failed.