There's been talk about a BEACH BOYS reunion on-and-off for a while now, but it's mostly been about getting back together for a show, or possibly even a tour.

But now, singer MIKE LOVE says the group is hoping to celebrate its 50th anniversary by recording a new album.  It would be the group's first since their country album, "Stars and Stripes, Volume 1" in 1996.  There never was a Volume 2.

Mike tells,

Brian [Wilson] has written some songs, I've written some songs [and] we're talking very seriously about getting together and co-writing and doing some new music together.

This November marks the 50th anniversary of their first single "Surfin'".  Their first album "Surfin' Safari" came out in October of 1962.  But any new music probably wouldn't come out until NEXT year.

The goal for the reunion is to include all remaining original members of the band.  In addition to Mike, who's 70 years old, and Brian, who's 69... that would be AL JARDINE, who's 68, BRUCE JOHNSTON, who's 69, and DAVID MARKS, who's 62.

(CARL WILSON died in 1998... and DENNIS WILSON passed away in 1983.)

(We can only hope this reunion would also include the greatest drummer this or any other band has ever had:  JOHN STAMOS!  Yes, John Stamos was a Beach Boy.  Don't believe me?  He even made it into their "Kokomo" video... where his hotness totally upstaged that of Tom Cruise!)