I would bet 2 bits this might be the most RANDOM story you're going to hear all week:

Donna D'Errico... Do you remember her?  She played Donna Marco on both "Baywatch" AND "Baywatch Nights".  She did the "Playboy" thing, and was married to Motley Crue bassist Nikki Sixx for 11 years.

What's she been doing lately?  She's been training to climb Mount Ararat along the Turkish-Armenian border in search of Noah's Ark.  She was planning to do it for an eight-part documentary.

Now, the show will NOT happen, and Noah's Ark will remain, for the time being, Unfound.  Donna has given up because she FEARS FOR HER LIFE.

Donna says her partner bailed because he was receiving DEATH THREATS.  Then her guide, a local Kurdish man, begged her to change her mind, and when she wouldn't, HE backed out of the trip, too.

So, Donna decided to take all this as a sign, and cancel the whole thing.

(I have no idea who was making these threats.  I'd like to think it was Nazis who are up there searching for the Ark themselves... and Harrison Ford is gonna go up there and straighten everything out Indiana Jones style.)