Guns N' Roses are currently on tour in Europe and Axl Rose has been having some bad days lately!  Last week  in Moscow he hurt his leg falling off a table while dancing at a club in Moscow after a concert.  

Then Sunday night at their concert in Liverpool, someone in the audience threw something on stage. Axl stopped the song and threatened to end the concert. All went well, until the end of the show. Axl was walking backwards on stage and fell again!



Axl Falls on Stage

I started looking at more videos on YouTube. This guy falls a lot! Why do I find that interesting? Because I'm a total klutz, but looks like Axl just might have me beat! :)

Here are some of his falls over the years!

Axl's fall back in 1989 during a concert in  Los Angeles

Axl Falls in First Appearance on MTV

Axl Slips And Falls in  Colombia, March 2010

(watch at the 1:17 mark)

Axl Falls in Paris 2010

Axl Falls in Mexico City 2010