Did you watch any of the synchronized swimming during the Olympics? It was amazing to watch!  Friday afternoon (Aug. 10), the Australian team performed to a medley of AC/DC songs.

“It was an idea we all spoke about. We wanted something classically Australian and with a very strong beat,” swimmer Eloise Amberger told the media.

Even though the team didn't take home a medal, they have no regrets.

“It was a joint idea of ours and our coaches,” she continued. “We were very proud and honored to be swimming to some Australian music. It was [a gamble] but we thought it was suitable. It’s very strong, it’s dynamic, it’s Aussie. It just helped us get into the groove,” she said.

Cool thing is AC/DC were watching and cheering them on.  They posted on their Facebook page  “‘Cheers to Australia’s women’s synchronized swimming team!! You’re gold medal winners in our eyes (and ears)!”

I couldn't find the actual performance from Friday, but I did find this video below that will give you an idea of what they did.  I watched the synchronized swimming and found it amazing! My husband on the other hand thought it was a bit freaky, looking like scary dolls coming to life. Well, yes I have to admit the thought ran through my mind too!