As we end 2012, (or the world...stupid Mayans), the Eagle's 17th year on the air has been a great one, and on behalf of Lisa, Aaron, and myself, we want to say thank-you!

First off, one of the most ironic things of the year or ever, was our 17th anniversary itself. We celebrated with Twinkies, thanks to our long time listener and supporter Rozanna. (We never thought we would outlast Twinkies.)

Rozanna's Twinkies

Our listeners, and friends made 2012 great not just for us, but the whole community with supporting each other the way you do with charity work, and attending benefit events, and getting involved to try to help somebody. We had a huge showing at Sparks in the Park this year, put on some shows downtown on Front Street, the record turn-out at this years Christmas Parade, and most recently, all of the people that kicked in for our annual Toys for Tots toy drive. We just couldn't imagine calling anywhere but Texarkana, home.

It's been a really cool year for our listeners with big cash giveaways on the radio, and so many more ways to listen to the Eagle, from streaming devices, and our free mobile app radioPup. It is very cool that you are taking the Eagle with you on your phones.

HUGE year for Eagle VIP's inside the Rewards Club!  Thousands of dollars in cash and prizes, helped grow our rewards club...(not as many people as our big sister station down the hallway here on Arkansas Blvd... but still GROWING.) Take this as an invitation to JOIN us. We have really big plans for 2013, with cash, all-inclusive trips, and all of our special showcases that our rewards club members suggest...and it is no secret that we take care of our VIP's, because you take care of us. EAGLE VIP REWARDS CLUB

Here at the end of 2012 we want to send special holiday wishes for our members of the Armed Forces stationed all over the world that listen to our station online, and participate with us, we truly appreciate you, and wish you were home for the holidays, and forever.

So again, thank you all for a really great 17th year here in Texarkana, we love you for letting us do what we do.

We all wish you and yours a Merry Christmas, and very Happy New Year!

KYGL Crew - Jeff, Lisa, and Aaron