Richardson Fence has donated over 500 feet of fence to the Animal Care and Adoption Center of Texarkana.

No need to wait for the grant from the dog park, Richardson Fence got things started at the animal shelter already. The Animal Care and Adoption Center in Texarkana, Arkansas, now has a big fenced area for shelter dogs to run. This area will help shelter volunteers be able to exercise the dogs off-leash. It will also be very beneficial to potential owners giving them the ability to take dogs out of the noisy shelter and spend time with the dog they are thinking about adopting. Play ball, frisbee or just hang out.

This is just the beginning. Once the dog park funding rolls in there will soon be smaller areas built inside of the large fenced lot to give a more intimate visit for those dogs that area a bit scared and for the pet owners that want to introduce dogs prior to adopting. Benches are also planned for the area and donations are being collected to help install them.

To find out how you can help call 870-773-6388.