Remember around Thanksgiving when airports got those full body scanners?  Because the TSA said it would be easier to find people smuggling weapons if they could see our junk?

Yeah... they're just as ineffective as the old security measures.

A report has leaked out that the TSA sent a female undercover agent through security at Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport with a gun buried in her underwear.  (Heh heh.)

She went through the full body scanner, they didn't catch the gun, and she got it into the terminal.

So they tried the test again.  She successfully smuggled the gun in again.  And again.  And again.  And again.  Every time they tried the test she went into the full-body scanner, and every single time they missed the gun.

The report was leaked by a whistleblower inside the TSA, who also reported that none of the agents who missed the gun were disciplined... and they all got to keep working the full-body scanners.

The TSA didn't deny the tests, but said they regularly run these tests and it's rare that their agents miss things.  They also said the body scanners DO work... but the people running them have to be paying attention.