Texarkana has lost an institution with the closing of Guy's Orange Stand in Nash. Many of us remember growing up with Texas Burgers and of course the almost world famous peanuts and orange drink.

Photo by Jeff

The Guy's Orange Stand in Nash was demolished on Wednesday (April 30.)

I hate it! I did not even know they had closed the business or I would have gorged myself on some Texas Burgers before they shut the doors.

Of course, way before Texarkana ever even had a McDonalds, and long before the Guy's opened their Nash location, there was Guy's Burgers on 7th Street. I remember going as a kid, and would always get the Peanuts and Orange drink. Going to Guy's was always a treat. The 7th street building is still there, but Guy retired in the late 70's but seemed to always stay at the Nash location to visit with customers. (Like he never retired.)

Guy Glover passed away years back, and his daughter kept the Nash location open until December 2013 with the intention of opening back up, but situations changed and they closed for good. Now it's just a slab and a sad lonely sign to remind us of days gone by.

Photo by Laiken Easterling

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