The Who‘s Roger Daltrey played a solo benefit concert Saturday in Costa Mesa, California, to raise money for the Teen Cancer America charity he helped found with band mate Pete Townshend.  With The Who already finished with its Quadrophenia and More Tour, the show is the last scheduled event on the singer’s 2013 itinerary, and Daltrey tells Rolling Stone he’s now thinking about recording a new solo album.

He says he’s interested in the project “mainly because I want to keep singing and I don’t want to keep going out and doing Who songs, though that’s what people want at the shows I do.”

Roger explains that since he’s had his solo backing band together for a while, he’d like to use them for a new recording. One hurdle he says he’ll have to overcome is finding worthy songs from writers besides Who mastermind Townshend.

“Whatever I do the songs will be criticized unless they’ve got The Who’s meat and potatoes, because I’ve sung Townshend all those years,” he maintains.  “If I can get the songs, I’ll do something.”

Daltrey adds that he has “an idea that I’m working with” for the record, although he doesn’t reveal specifics about the concept.

Meanwhile, regarding the possibility of making a new Who album, Roger says it’s all up to Townshend.

“Pete’s the kind of guy who could suddenly write a load of songs and he’ll say, ‘Let’s go in and record them,’” he notes.  “And then there’ll be another album.”

Daltrey points out, however, that more than 23 years separated the release of the band’s last studio effort, 2006′s Endless Wire, and its previous one, 1982′s It’s Hard.

“I haven’t got 23 years now,” the 69-year-old rocker laments, “but you never know.”