Just when you think the TSA can't possibly hit a new low in their continued humiliation of American citizens... they go and redefine rock bottom.

Here's the latest.  Yesterday, people freaked out when a story was released about a 95-year-old woman who was forced to take off her ADULT DIAPER for a TSA search.

On June 18th, Jean Weber was flying with her 95-year-old mother from Destin-Fort Walton Beach Airport in Florida to Michigan.  Jean's mother was moving to Michigan to live in an assisted living facility.  The mother's name wasn't released.

Jean's mother is sick with leukemia and wears adult diapers.

While they were going through security, an agent gave the 95-year-old woman a pat-down, and felt that the adult diaper was WET and FIRM... so they couldn't check it properly.  They made Jean take her mother to a bathroom to remove it.

Jean says the whole thing made her cry, but her mother handled it like a champ and was calm.  After the diaper was removed, security found that... believe it or not... a 95-year-old woman wasn't carrying a weapon.

You can check out video on this news story from CNN... HERE.

While people are outraged about this, the TSA is defending the agents who requested the diaper be removed for the search.

An administrator released a statement, quote, "Every traveler is a critical partner in TSA's efforts to keep our skies safe... [our officers] acted professionally and according to proper procedure."  (CNN)