These United States Army soldiers were expecting some help from above... NOT a 500 lb. bomb dropped on their position. Luckily, nobody was killed in this HUGE mistake.

This mortar team was fighting with Taliban in Afghanistan using their 60mm mortars and had called in an airstrike on the Taliban position, but somehow the bomb got dropped on them instead. The incident is being investigated. (WARNING: Foul language in the video.) did an interview with the cameraman to get more on the story. In the interview he said that the soldiers had been taking sniper fire on their position for about a month. They had been trying to find the location of the sniper when an airstrike was called in on the position where the enemy fire was believed to be coming from. The soldiers were ordered to "get small", then the 500 lb. bomb hit about 15 yards behind them.

The bomb hit so close to the men that the watchmen in the towers reported that the insides of their radios were blown out. All of the men were basically dazed and confused for a while and trying to figure out what exactly had gone so wrong.

The cameraman went on to say that if it had not been for the Sergeant ordering the men to "stand to" and come out of the outpost which saved the lives of the three men that were in the area struck by the bomb. The bay where they had been, was destroyed and riddled with shrapnel, even blowing holes in the weapons that were being stored in that location.